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Veteran Trapper; Koa, Tyran Battlemaster


Koa was just a young Tyran when the first Dragon Trappers visited his village. They had been tracking an elder dragon responsible for the destruction of a major city in the far northern lands of Stoica and the trail had lead them all the way down to the untamed jungles and plains of Letona. Koa was entranced by their wild stories and varied trophies hanging from their belts. When the trappers asked for a guide to lead them to a nearby valley where the dragon was rumored to be hiding, koa was the first to volunteer. The risk and danger where overcome by his intense fascination with these rugged warriors. The battle Koa watched unfold that day would stick with him for the rest fo his life. It seemed impossible that this band of warriors could defeat such a massive and overwhelming foe. Koa watched from the trees as steel, flame, and magic clashed. When the dust and smoke settled the trappers had won and the scaly tyrant that had caused so much destruction lay dead. Koa convinced them to let him join them on their journey back to Stoica. He traveled further than anyone in his village ever had and trained as greenie at the lodge. He became a skilled trapper and became known for being able to keep his cool in dangerous and intense situations. Eventually Koa decided to go back to Letona, taking what he had leaned from the lodge in Stoica, and opening the first branch of the Dragon trappers Lodge in Letona. Merging the fighting styles of the warriors of Stoica and his native people, Koa trained a new batch of trappers. Koa commands resect everywhere he goes and to many villages is considered a hero.

Beschikbaar in 2 poses.
Prijs is per pose.