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Grandmother Snow


Grandmother Snow despite her frail appearance is one of the best trappers at the Okinja Lodge. She is 376 years old and has learned a lot of tricks in her time. In fact she was the one who developed the tactic of trapping dragons in their human form. As a Kitsune she was familiar with shapeshifting magic and she developed a spell that could hold a creature in it’s current from for a period of time. Her approach to dealing with problematic dragons almost never involves killing them and she instead prefers to persuade, negotiate, and listen. If they can’t be reasoned with then she will result to tricks and deception. Just because she doesn’t use an aggressive approach doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of defending herself. She is a powerful spell caster though that is something she likes to keep to herself unless needed. She is known as “grandmother” since she teaches the new recruits to the lodge and treats everyone as if they where her own children.