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Greenie Trapper; Xuchatla, Tyran Rogue


No one really knows where Xuchatla came from. One day he just showed up, at the lodge Koa founded, with no possessions. He never speaks or makes a noise of any type for that matter. Xuchatla means ‘he who never speaks”. The lodge let him stay as long as he earned his keep so they put him to work cleaning and maintaining the lodge. After his chores every day Xuchatla would go out into the yard to practice with the training weapons. Most of the other trappers just saw him as an oddity to keep them entertained. Koa however saw a lot of his younger self in the silent Tyran so he took the boy under his wing and started training him. Koa helped Xuchatla to use his natural gifts to great effect and he is well on his way to becoming a valuable and skilled trapper.