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Horgarth the Musk Ox


Horgarth will do anything for a sweet crunchy carrot. Literally anything, including carrying Vaultamir straight towards an angry dragon. No matter what the situation, Whether it’s prowling felidonts, giant ice wurms, or ice breathing dragons, Horgarth will be there, so long as there’s promise of a delicious treat waiting for him. While his motivation for food makes him a reliable mount it can also cause him to get distracted easily and on more than one occasion Vaultamir has had to make a quick getaway only to find Horgrath dozens of yards away, munching on a wild potato patch. In the end though his endearing nature is enough to keep him around.

Prijs inclusief Vaultamir als berijder.
Grimpaw ook zonder berijder verkrijgbaar voor €12,-