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Icy Tyrant


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Ice tyrants are evil cunning dragons that go out of their way to spread suffering and malice. They find their home in snowy mountains and icy caves, often surrounding their lair with ice spikes to help keep out unwanted guests. Ice tyrants are greater dragons meaning they can speak and understand languages and they are even more intelligent than most greater dragons. They use their keen intelligence to unlock the power of spell casting which allows them to cast a handful of spells. A common tactic for Ice Tyrants when stalking their prey is to use Ice wall to corral them in and then use their breath attack to finish the job, leaving nothing but frozen representations of it’s former foes. When hunting an Ice tyrant fire is your best friend, both to keep your self from freezing and to harm the dragon. Even just being near the body of an ice dragon can freeze a trapper solid but they are vulnerable to fire so play to their weaknesses and keep a safe distance. Ice tyrants are smart enough to know when they are outmatched and they will fly or even swim away under the ice if they sense their defeat is imminent.

Als model staat hij ongeveer 20x15x18 cm op je tafel.

Uiteraard is hij ook kleiner te printen.