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Indigo Fae


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The Indigo Fae is a gargantuan creature that is part of a larger family of dragons called Faerie Dragons. Most Faerie Dragons live in wooded areas and the same is true for the Indigo Fae. As a greater dragon, Indigo Faes have the ability to speak. They are considered to be the wisest of the Fae Dragons and while they enjoy a good trick they are less inclined to trickery than the other members of their family. Indigo Fae typically keep to themselves rarely allowing themselves to be seen in their true form. They are somewhat fragile for their size and rely on their invisibility and shape changing to stay hidden. Despite their reclusive behavior it is not unheard of for them to befriend humanoids they find enjoyable. One of the defining features of the Indigo Fae is their polymorph breath. Unlike most dragons that breathe fire or some other element to kill or wound their prey the Indigo Fae has no offensive breath attack. Instead the Indigo Fae can release a magical cloud that allows it to polymorph any creatures caught inside of it. This is an ability it uses to great amusement often turning would be attackers into harmless birds and critters instead of just outright killing them. Don’t be fooled though. Should you provoke the wrath of one keep in mind it is still a dragon and easily capable of ending the most hardened of warriors and mages.

Dit model is perfect voor alle kleuren die de Fea hebben uit te proberen en trekt gegarandeerd de aandacht waar je hem ook neerzet.
Afmetingen ca 20 x 15 x 13 cm
Op kleinere schaal printen is ook mogelijk. Prijs in dat geval in overleg.