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Koa found JuJu at an auction where he was being sold by a farmer since he was too stubborn to be put to good work. The lodge was constantly trying to find new mounts since it was difficult to find beasts that could handle the rigorous needs of being companion to a trapper. JuJu was cheap so Koa had little to loose. Unfortunately JuJu was far more stubborn than Koa had realized. JuJu would refuse to move and whenever a trapper would try to ride him they would always be thrown from the saddle. Koa decided he would try and break JuJu himself but the closest he ever got was a mutual respect. While JuJu’s stubbornness might be frustrating at times but it is also what makes him such a great mount when hunting dragons. While many mounts would panic at the sight of a mighty dragon, JuJu simply stands his ground, stubbornly resisting even the fiercest of dragons.

Aangeboden inclusief Koa als berijder.
Ook verkrijgbaar zonder berijder (met of zonder zadel) voor €12,-