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Lila is a native to Stoica, the home of the first and original Dragon Trappers Lodge. When she was younger she had no intentions of joining the lodge until her eleven village was razed by an evil and malevolent Thorny Hellkite. Her mother hid her in the woods till the dragon had left but her mother never returned. Lila was found by members of the lodge when they came to her village following the trail of the Thorny Hellkite. She was taken in as an orphan and raised by the members of the lodge. She wasn’t particularly strong but her delicate build made her quick and nimble and she soon became an official greenie. Eventually as she became a veteran of the lodge her and Grimpaw become well known trackers and many trappers would seek them out on their hunts. Her skill with a bow is legendary and the way she moves through the dense undergrowth is uncanny. While Lila is a talented tracker and Grimpaws’ keen sense of smell is big help, there is a special reason Lila is so good at finding and tracking dragons. She has a secret contact, an Indigo Fae known as Faede. They met when Lila took on a job to hunt a dragon that had supposedly been targeting hunters from a village that lay on the outskirts of Mossdel Forest. She tracked the dragon to it’s lair but when she arrived she new what the village had claimed seemed unlikely. The dragon was an Indigo Fae and they where typically good creatures but she could see he was sick. Lila approached the dragon and saw he had been poisoned but instead of killing it she spoke with him and learned his name was Faede. He said the village had discovered his presence and had been trying to kill him in order to harvest his magical properties. At first it had been amusing, but the village had soon resorted to treachery. Upon repeatedly failing and having their huntsmen turned into harmless woodland critters they had poisoned the great beast. Lila returned to the village and reprimanded the elders, making them vow to cease their greedy antics. Lila spent several weeks nursing Faede back to health and once he was restored to his former glory Lila helped Faede relocate to a more secluded glen. Faede, full of gratitude, has been fond of Lila ever since. He was never fond of the more destructive members of his kind and so is often more than willing to give her information on the prey she stalks, in return for keeping his location a secret.