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Foolhardy, reckless, wild, brave. All words that have been used to describe Masina. She was the daughter of her tribes chief but despite her parents best efforts she was never destined to be royalty. When she was 18 Masina sought out a witch. She was terrified that she would live a life of monotony and wanted to have her future read so she could know for sure. She ended up getting more than she bargained for and was shown her own death. To many this would break them or cause them to have extreme anxiety but whatever it was Masina saw, it only emboldened her. She figured that if she knew how she would die she had nothing to fear. As payment the witch demanded she deliver her child brother to the witch but Masina refused. In her anger at being shorted the witch tried to kill Masina but Masina had seen her death and this was not it. She killed the witch in the ensuing scuffle. Her body fell to ash leaving nothing but the skeleton behind. Masina determined a method to know if she was ever in danger of meeting her foreseen end by dawning the skull of the witch as a mask. In the vision she had seen Masina had not had a mask on so she figured as long as she kept on the mask she would know she was safe. From that point on Masina considering herself virtually invincible, decided to find where she could face the most danger and risk while doing the most good. That brought her to the lodge. She never fears running into battle against a dragon and she specializes in using her poison coated daggers to charge unsuspecting dragons to make an opportune strike.

Verkrijgbaar in 2 poses met diverse wapen opties.