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Mordechai is member of an amphibious species known as the Prax. His real name is Ba’amph Tx’aru but he goes by Mordechai so people of the common tongue can more easily pronounce his name. Raised in the coral shelfs off the southern coast of Letona Mordechai learned to harness the power of magic and how control the flow of water. All Prax upon reaching maturity are assigned a calling. A role they will have for the rest of their life, given to them by the Council, in order for them to contribute to Prax society in the most efficient way possible. Mordechai was given the calling of ‘shell keeper’, a job of tracking a managing financial affairs. Mordechai did his best to accept the calling but he never felt it truly suited him and that he wanted to learn more magic and explore the world outside the coral shelfs. Part of his calling included traveling to the surface and overseeing trade imports and exports with the drylanders. It was on one of these excursions that during the negotiations the trade party was attacked by a Sharkasaurus. Mordechai along with the drylanders fought off the sharkasaurus and the drylanders found them selves impressed with Mordechai’s magical prowess and skills with controlling water to his advantage. The drylanders said they belonged to a group called the Dragon Trappers Lodge and said they had been trying to deal with a Volcanic Hardscale for sometime but with no luck so far. They told him someone with his mastery of water could be very useful. Despite the strict regiment of Mordechais culture he made the decision to help them face the dragon and that he would deal with the council and their consequences when he got back. With Mordechai’s help the trappers successfully defeated the Hardscale. The members of the lodge invited him to join the lodge as an official trapper but mordechai declined. He needed to return to his people and his calling. Upon his return the council scolded him for abandoning his calling and disobeying the council. For fear that others would follow his example of rebellion, the council banished him from the coral shelfs he called home. Devastated, mordechai was exiled and left to determine his own fate. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, Mordechai, with no where else to go, sought out the Lodge the trappers had spoke of and requested to join. It was jarring at first to go from the strict regimented life of the Prax to the rugged unruly lifestyle of the lodge but he was welcomed openly and he soon adjusted. Mordecahi would often question if he had made the right choice until one day there where reports of a dragon attack from Prax survivors claiming that a Darkwater Emperor Dragon had attacked the coral shelfs and taken charge of the city, enslaving the inhabitants. Mordechai volunteered to join the expedition to stop the dragon, worried and eager to help his people. Due to his knowledge of the shelves he was able to help the trappers slip in unnoticed and eventually confront and defeat the dragon. Despite his heroics and saving his people the council did not accept him back. They stated that the law was final and his banishment would not be undone. Mordechai however realized that weather or not he had made the right decision all those years ago he was content with who he was now. He left the coral shelfs for the last time with his head held high. He stayed with the Lodge and eventually reached the rank of Veteran, becoming revered by many trappers. Despite the councils best efforts to squash his rebellion their decision only caused even more young Prax to be inspired by Mordechai and now several Prax join the ranks of the lodge each year.

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