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Saber-Toothed Felidont


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Felidonts are magical beasts that resemble giant versions of large cats with great feathered wings. Some speculate they where created by a powerful druid to act as guardians for their grove once they where gone, but whether that is their true origin is unknown. What ever their source they act as fierce hunters in the world today. Felidonts can be found anywhere you might find their mundane feline counterparts. The saber-toothed felidont is especially dangerous. They can typically found in the norther part of Stoica but some have also been reported in the savage lands in the south of Letona. When hunting saber-toothed felidont will fly long distances looking for prey, using snowfall as cover. Once it catches scent of its prey it will circle the area looking for the best line of attack. For smaller prey the feldiont will dive bomb from the sky often killing it’s prey on impact of carrying it off to finish the job. With larger prey it will sneak up on foot and use it’s massive fangs to go for the throat and wrestle its unsuspecting victim to the ground. These massive beasts have also been rumored to have been used as mounts for frost giants though the lodge has found them impossible to domesticate so far.

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