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The people of Katatook Island are known to worship a massive crab named Scissorclap that lives in a lagoon on their island. Every year Scissor clapspawns a handful of eggs that the people of the island raise. They are usually given to the chief or people of great esteem in their culture. After saving the people of the island from a Volcanic Hardscale, Mordechai was gifted one of these crabs. He named it Scissorlock in honor of Scissorclap. At least thats the story that gets told. The truth is they planned to reward him with the honor of being fed to Scissorclap as a sacrifice. Mordechai declined this offer by fending off Scissorclap and escaping through the lagoon as he swam to the open ocean. He may or may not have taken one of the melon sized eggs of Scissorclamp with him when he escaped. Whatever the actual account of what happened Scissorlock has made a great companion. While she may not be the fastest mount she is sturdy and well equipped to travel nearly any terrain on land and in the water and she can climb up most surfaces. Her hard shell allows her to shrug off blows and the enchantments and wards Mordechai has wrapped around her claws give her added protection. In addition one of the reasons her kind is so valued is that their antennae can magically locate any creature. Simply give her the scent and she can lead you to it.

Prijs inclusief Mordechai als berijder.
Scissorlock ook zonder berijder verkrijgbaar voor €12,-