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Tavern set 1

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Elke inn heeft inrichting nodig.
Breng je inn tot leven met deze set van Hero’s Hoard.

  • Roaring Hearth w/ mantle and fireplace tools (available in two sizes – one to fit under standard 2” walls if you are using multiple floors, and a larger one for open-topped floor plans)
  • Pot-bellied stove to throw off heat and warm up water and hands on the frostiest of evenings
  • Small firewood rack to keep the hearth and stove roaring
  • Woodshed lean-to with cutting log and axe for keeping your winter stash of firewood dry outside.
  • Finely-crafted liquor shelf to contain all the spirits needed for a well-stocked bar (goes great with Curufin’s “Bar Back and Accessories” on Thingiverse, and is sized to fit alongside)
  • 9 varieties of glass liquor bottles, including a glass skull bottle.
  • Privies for getting rid of recycled booze, or hiding dead bodies after an intense tavern brawl.
  • Small stage, with a curtained storage space underneath.
  • Tubs for soaking and removing road grime (comes in empty and full versions)
  • Wooden serving tray
  • Waitress station with dustpan, broom, and towel – large enough to hold a serving tray on top.
  • Wash table with bowl full of water, pitcher, and hand cloth for cleaning up after sleep or using the privy.
  • Full bucket of water for cleaning, flushing the privies, filling the tub, etc
  • Comfortable booth for your more seedy patrons to sit at in the corner and brood

Prijs afhankelijk van de gewenste onderdelen en materiaal (PLA of Resin)
Voorbeelden geprint in PLA met 0,12mm door Hero’s Hoard
All parts in the pictures are printed @ .12mm layer height and painted with a mix of Army Painter and Apple Barrel paints and washes, and paint easily. All miniatures in the pictures are included for scale reference only.