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The Bloom Tongue Dragon


Bloom Tongues are a species of lesser dragons (meaning they can’t speak), native to the south western jungles of Letona. However these dragons are “lesser” only in name as they have been the demise of many skilled trappers. The Bloom tongue gets its name sake from the flower like appearance of its tongue. The dragon uses its long tongue to emit an intoxicating scent that draws creatures in while it uses its color changing skin to stay hidden in the foilage. Once its prey is close enough its tongue snaps closed around its prey, drawing it into the dragons waiting jaws. Capturing and defeating a Bloom Tongue is especially difficult due to their 360 degree vision. Each can swivel independently in all directions making it especially difficult to get the drop on one. Luckily there a several ways a trapper can prepare to hunt one of these subtle predators. Races that have heat vision are at an advantage since they can see past the dragons natural camouflage. Magical items that grant a similar effect are also helpful. It is wise to wear nose plugs when hunting a Bloom Tongue. Though uncomfortable, nose plugs can prevent a trapper from being lured unwillingly to their demise by the dragons intoxicating scent.

Deze Fae draak is met een goede ruim 45 cm van kop tot en met staart niet meer klein te noemen.
Als model staat hij ruim 20x16x16 cm op je tafel.

Uiteraard is hij ook kleiner te printen.