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The Elder Void Dragon

Little is known about the origins of the Void Dragons. Some say they where created when dragons traveling between planes where accidentally trapped in the void. Others say they where intentionally created by interplanar beings to protect the deep secrets of the multiverse. And still some say that they where there since the beginning, before the first plane had sprung into existence. Whatever their origins, Void Dragons are dark form of incomprehensible evil that seek to devour and destroy.

Void Dragons find their home in the Void or the space between planes. Not many people are capable of even traveling through the Void and meeting one there would spell almost certain death. Sometimes however Elder Void Dragons will awaken from centuries of slumber and begin to prowl the multiverse sowing destruction. It is unknown if they are driven by hunger, an innate evil nature, or by some unseen being of immense power. Though they do seem to be intelligent, in fact more intelligent than many of the greater dragons, though their language and motivations are unintelligible to mortals. It is speculated that to understand the void dragon would bring unimaginable knowledge of the multiverse and immense power.

Most Void Dragons are not capable of entering a plane but Elder Void Dragons are. When an Elder sets its sights on its prey, in this case an entire plane, it tears a hole in reality and teleports itself to its destination. Once their the chaos begins. Void dragons have a breath weapon that consists of a strange combination of electricity and ice. Upon arrival they will use their breath weapon to wreak havoc and destroy any opposition that might arise to attempt to thwart it. Once it has razed the surrounding area it will begin to devour the plane, creating what is essentially a black hole. As the plane is sucked into the vortex the Void Dragon grows stronger and larger until nothing is left of the plane. Much of what is known about Void Dragons is unverified as there are rarely survivors though there have been myths told underneath the night sky of Elder dragons reaching the size of cities. Hopefully you will never come in contact with one of these but if you do the lodge will be beside ready to defend our plane.

May your blades stay sharp and your flesh on your bones.

Deze draak is huge.
Zo huge, dat op 100% grootte een even gigantische prijs met zich meeneemt.
Een goede 50 cm van voor tot achter en 45cm van vleugeltip tot vleugeltip.
Schaal en daaruit volgende prijs zijn dus in nader overleg.