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Dice Tower: Ranger


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“From up on high, she stalks her prey. Limber and quiet, she bounds from one tower to the next, never allowing her bounty to leave her hawk-like sight. The monster stops, a horrible laugh emitting from his maw. A woman and child huddled in fear, completely trapped, and ready to be consumed. The Ranger calls upon nature to do her bidding. In one silent gesture, she aims and releases her arrow. With a faint whistle the arrow streaks through the air, striking her opponent. Without a gasp of surprise or a scream of pain the foul creature topples to the ground. With a satisfied nod the ranger disappears into the trees. The only trace of her presence is the single arrow protruding from the monster, who will never destroy again. She returns to her home: a tall tower overlooking the entirety of the kingdom. With a smile she resumes her watch, always surveying, always on guard, ready to protect those she loves.”

Aldus de ontwerper van Fate’s End van de toren voor de ranger.

Ontworpen voor de ranger van de party, maar uiteraard te gebruiken voor iedereen die zich aangesproken voelt.

Te gebruiken als dice tower of als losstaand gebouw voor op tafel.
Ontworpen voor de standaard 16 mm dice sets.

Groter printen kan eventueel ook (bij bv afwijkende dice sets.)