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Elena, Disciple of the North


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Elenas first encounter with dragons happened when she was less than a year old and that encounter left her with the distinct white streak going through her red hair that identifies her wherever she goes. As the daughter of Vaultamir she has a lot to live up to and so far she has surpassed expectations. Growing up Elena trained in combat and magic, giving her an edge that allows for a wide range of versatility. Living in the north means a life of constant cold but Elena has learned to embrace it instead of fight it. From her perspective everything is a constant battle between the heat and the cold and she uses that to her advantage by alternating between fiery blasts and freezing blasts. Her unique blend of fire and ice magic frequently push her to the forefront of many expeditions and she is well on her way to becoming a veteran trapper and her father constantly reminds her how proud her mother would be to see her today.

Verkrijgbaar in 2 poses met diverse wapen opties.