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Grimpaw, Loyal Dire Wolf


Grimpaw is a dire wolf from the Shattered Woods. A dangerous and savage place, full of hungry eyes watching from the trees. He is large even for a dire wolf but he wasn’t always that way. Grimpaw started out as the runt of liter and he struggled to survive. He was cast out of the pack eventually by the other wolves and become a loner. Unfortunately it was not easy for him to survive on his own and hunger led him to try and attack riskier and riskier prey. Grimpaw typically stayed away from travelers in the Shattered Woods. Those who came through the woods where typically well equipped and prepared to defend themselves and a lone dire wolf without a pack could end up worse than just having an empty stomach. His hunger overcame his fear however and he tried to hunt an elf traveling alone through the woods. That lone elf was a member of the Dragon Trappers Lodge named Lila. Lila had learned in her travels that it was often far easier to appease the creatures she came across than to fight them. As a result she would bring extra food with her just incase. When Lila realized she was being followed by a scrawny hungry looking dire wolf she started leaving scraps for the poor beast. Grimpaw ate the food left behind by Lila and as his hunger became sated he grew more and more currious. By the time Lila left the woods she couldn’t the wolf to leave her alone. Over time Grimpaw grew to be much larger than his siblings and he became a formidable ally and mount. Though he is well fed now, that still doesn’t stop Grimpaw from begging for scraps from anyone who will listen.

Prijs inclusief Lila als berijder.
Grimpaw ook zonder berijder verkrijgbaar voor €12,-