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Jealousy Spirit


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Jealousy Spirits are a particularly nasty type of spirit that can be found in Okinja. Spirits primarily reside in the spirit world and require mortal desire or thought to manifest in the material plane. Jealousy spirits appear when there is a strong presence of jealousy, often over money or status. The spirit has ten arms wielding swords and a pleasant mask portraying the niceties covering the raging jealousy underneath. Their material body is formed from a Tori gate that has been violated and a fur coat. Like most spirits they are resistant to magic. They are very quick and aggressive, striking out at anyone nearby. Luckily they have a weakness. All jealousy spirits are created with a coin in their mouth. If this coin is removed the spirit will be banished from the material plane. While these spirits are certainly a danger they are usually a sign of a larger problem within a community as it takes a lot for these spirits to manifest.

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