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There are few creatures more terrifying than a Sharkasaurus. Also known as, Land Sharks, Shore Prowlers, and Sand Maws, they are a terrifying combination of saurian and shark characteristics. The Sharkasaurus is the product of extreme selection pressures present in some of the more wild and untamed regions of south western Letona with the possibility of magical wellsprings deep under water also contributing to their existence. These fearsome creatures will prowl the coast often times resembling a large but normal shark with only their dorsal fin showing above the water. It’s only til it is too late that people often realize it’s true nature. Equally capable on land and in the water the Sharkasaurus can tip smaller vessels or simply wait for the ships and boats to eventually dock and attack them on the beach. Sharkasaurus young are deadly immediately after hatching and will hunt in packs until old enough to take on prey on their own. All of this wouldn’t be so bad if they behaved more like a normal animal but Sharkasaurus’s are highly aggressive and will attack anything on sight, even being known to chase down ships for weeks. Once they have a hold of their prey in their mouth they will violently shake their head tearing into the victim with their serrated teeth. It is best to avoid them at all costs and only engage if necessary.