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Takuma was always large even as a child. He joined the lodge after being caught cheating in a sumo match. He had been raised to compete at the top levels of Sumo fighting and the pressure had driven him to dishonor his name by greasing the mat before a match. He was young when he was banished from competing only 18 and he was disowned by his strict parents. It was Grandmother Snow who saw him and his value and took him in at the lodge. She saw that he was not dishonorable just desperate for approval. Often times the dragons causing trouble are small young dragons that are proud and unruly and haven’t gained the foresight and wisdom that comes with age. These young dragons can’t be reasoned with but the lodge does not want to kill them. That is where Takuma shines. His size and strength allows him to manhandle the younger dragons into submission without doing real harm and he is an adept fighter when needed.

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