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Vaultamir, Stoic Barbarian


The far north of Stoica is home to fierce waring clans. In the cold north only the strong survive and Vaultamir could be said to be one of the strongest. Even as a young lad Vaultamir was bigger than men many years his superior. When Vaultamir was only 16 years old his village was attacked by a young Ice Tyrant known as Coldfang. Coldfang wreaked havoc, destroying cottages, livestock and crops. The warriors of the village where killed one by one as they threw themselves at the great dragon only to be shattered in to shards crystalline ice. Vaultamir, seeing his village be destroyed, hefted the claymore of a fallen warrior and with both hands threw the word in a great arc plunging it into the chest of the stunned wyrm. Coldfang crumpled to the ground with the sword through its heart. Dead. Word of this spread and eventually reached The Dragon Trappers Lodge. They set out to find this dragon killer and where surprised to find someone so young. The lodge members asked him to join but he refused, wanting to help rebuild his village instead. Several years passed and eventually the mother of Coldfang, Silvercruel learned of the death of her son at the hands of Vaultamir. Silvercruel sought out Vaultamir’s Village intending to make him suffer for what he had done. Once again Vaultamir’s village was razed by an Ice tyrant and once again the men of the village fell to the claws and teeth of the cruel beast. The Ice Tyrant searched the village for the one called Vaultamir and to her delight she found him trying to protect his young wife and their infant daughter Elena. Vaultamir tried to fight her but she was far stronger and more cunning than her son and she froze Vaultamir in a block of ice with his head exposed so he could witness her revenge before she finished him. Vaultamirs wife did her best to stop Silvercruel but she was helpless before the massive dragon and she fell defending their daughter. In an unbridled rage Vaultamir strained against the ice that encased him and shattered his frozen prison. Having just lost his wife to this foul serpent and determined to not lose his daughter as well, Vaultamir reached his bare hands into their hearth and grabbed the coals burning there. Silver cruel turned in surprise only to be met with burning ash thrown right into her eyes. Vaultamir used the distraction to scramble up her body, holding tightly as she thrashed around trying to loose him of his perch. In act of pure barbaric rage, Vaultamir tore one of Silvercruels antler like horns form her head and plunged the sharp points through her eye killing the evil dragon. Though Silvercruel was defeated Vaultamir was heart broken. His village reminded him too much of what head lost so he took his daughter and sought out the Lodge. Vaultamir became the first and only trapper to ever skip being a greenie and join the Lodge as a veteran. In order to make sure he did not lose Elena as well he had her trained at the lodge in combat and magic as she grew through the years. He would not have her be helpless as her mother had been. In his time Vaultamir has killed many dragons and his story is told by many a trapper in lodges through out the world.

Verkrijgbaar in 2 poses met zwaard, speer of hamer.