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Volcanic Hardscales


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Volcanic Hardscales are a type lesser dragon that can be found in and around the volcanoes on some of the south western islands of Letona. While there are several species of Hardscales this species is unique due to its ability to survive in lava. Volcanic Hardscales are found in the craters of volcanic peaks or in lava filled caves deep underground. The Hardscale part of their name comes from their extremely hard scales that cover the body of the dragon especially the head. This causes the dragon to be extremely resistant to physical attacks which makes them very tricky to take down. Volcanic Hardscales will lounge in pools of magma when not hunting and are known to eat rocks that get melted down in their stomachs to latter be spewed back up as molten lava to kill their prey. If their victim doesn’t die from burning to death then it’s only a short matter of time before the lava cools and hardens making it very difficult for their prey to run away. The best way to go about taking one down seems to be either magic or poison administered from a very precise strike. Water magic in particular can be very effective for negating the lava spew of the dragon and if timed right can be used to trap the dragon in one of it’s lava baths by rapidly cooling the lava in which it is sitting.

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